detachable towbars

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There are 3 main types of towbars Flange ball towbars, Swan neck towbars and detachable towbars. The modern day motorist always has an eye for detail which is why the removable towbar has become so popular in the recent years. The reason for its popularity is because it can be easily removed when not needed making a vehicle still look aesthetically stylish. The detachable towbar range can be removed from 99% of all vehicles leaving no sign that a tow bar has ever been fitted and with its safety features it can pull virtually anything. There are a variety of makes out on the market that produce removable towbars. Big names such as Witter, Brink, and Thule are often popular brands where as Bosal and PCT are smaller brands but still make a good range of towbars. The BrinkLogic system in particular makes it easy to remove a 'detachable tow bar' with it using a semi-automatic system, operated by a handle and includes reinforced double safety devices.

    Benfits / Advantages of detachable towbars :

  1. Detachable towbars can be easily removed when not in use
  2. Most vehicle types have a detachable towbar range available
  3. The Vehicle appearance is unaffected when the bar is detached/ removed
  4. Being detachable reduces the risk of injury when walking around the vehicle
  5. Detachable towbars do not effect rear parking sensors
  6. Doesn't obscure lower mounted number plates
  7. Detachable towbars are compatible with Winterhoff and Alko stabilisers

    Disadvantages of detachable towbars:

  1. Slightly more expensive than the flange and swan neck towbar types
  2. The tow ball height cannot be altered
  3. Alternative towballs can often not be fitted to detachable towbars
  4. A small variety of bike carriers are not compatible

All types and models of vehicles are catered for, from the Volkswagen detachable towbar, to the Mercedes detachable towbars, Hyundai, Honda , Bmw detachable towbars, Ford detachable towbars, Skoda, Lexus, Vauxhall detachable towbars, Volvo detachable towbars ... and more!

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