Ford towbars

Ford detachable towbars, Ford Swan Neck tow bar, and other ford towbar models.

The Ford range of towbars consists of swan neck, flange ball and detachable towbars. The Ford detachable towbar style is the most popular variety of towbar for most Ford car models from the Ford Focus to the Ford Fiesta. Brink detachable Ford towbars have a revolutionary smart button system that allows you to detach the towbar at the turn of a switch and remove the bar with no visible sign of it ever being attached. Some Ford models require the bumper to be cut in order to fit the detachable towbar however the section that is cut can often be made to clip back into place for when the towbar is detached. Whichever model of Ford you own, their are multiple and practical Ford towbar solutions to fit your needs as well as EU Approved electrical kits.

Most Ford vehicle types are catered for such as the Ford CMax, Grand CMax and the BMax towbar range, the Ford Explorer towbar range, Ford Fiesta towbar range both hatchback and van models and the Ford Focus towbar range. Towbars are also available for the Ford Fusion, Ford Galaxy towbars, Ford Maverick, Ford Ecosport. Ford S-max Towbars, and Ford Mondeo towbars. For the Ford Van range their aretowbars to fit the Ford Ranger and Ford Transit van.

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