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vw golf towbars, passat towbars, vw touran detachable towbars, and other volkswagen towbar models.

The Volkswagen range of towbars consists of flange ball, swan neck and detachable towbars. The detachable towbar style is the most popular variety of towbar for most VW car models from the vw golf to the vw transporter. The detachable towbars popularity is down to it's revolutionary smart button function that allows you to detach the towbar at the turn of a switch and remove the bar with no visible sign of a towbar ever being attached to the car. Some Volkwagen models require the bumper to be cut in order to fit the detachable towbar however the section that is cut can often be made to clip back into place just leaving a faint outline and maintaining the solid look of the original bumper. Whichever model of Volkwagen you own, their are multiple and practical Volkswagen towbar solutions to fit your needs as well as EU Approved electrical kits. Their are over 2000 tow bars on the database providing the widest choice at low trade prices.

Most Volkwagen vehicle types are catered for such as the Volkswagen Beetle towbar range, the VW Bora towbar range, and the VW Caravelle towbar range and the VW Golf Mk2 towbar, VW Golf Mk3 towbar, right through to Volkswagen Golf Mk5 towbars. Also available are VW Jetta towbars and Volkswagen Lupo, VW Passat and VW Polo towbars. Also for the VW range detachable and swan neck towbars are availiable for VW Sharan, VW Touareg Towbars, VW Transporter Towbars and the Volkswagen Touran range. Towbars that detach from a vehicle are also available for the Volkswagen Scirocco, Sharan, and the Volkswagen Phaeton.

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